Is this an ‘All About Me’ page? Well, first off, it’s true, it’s all about me. What else to say? I am a husband, father, git picker, Marlin angler, Hollywood Hills canyon dweller,  McGill U grad, former electrical contractor, current industrial real estate broker, day-trader, bank hater, Fed hater, BS hater, PC hater, a good friend to have cover your back and a user if you’re a loser.

What thrills me these days? Litigating against the Foreclosure Machine, combating the IRS, raising hell where it’s needed, playing lead guitar with ‘Splinters’, hanging out on the Big Island (Holualoa Inn), fishing with best Marlin crews on the planet.

I think Elizabeth Warren walks on water; the rest of the DC hacks are beneath notice. Governor Brown is A-OK. AG Harris started out strong and then was co-opted by POTUS’ crew (Geithner et.al.) and then abandoned her constituency that is still caught up in the mortgage mess. Ms Harris  promoted the passage of some sensible foreclosure laws that the judges refuse to enforce and she’s failed to put the hammer down on those stooges for the Banks.

The California Courts are putting out so much bad case law, based upon flawed (corrupted) interpretations of legislative intent I’m considering moving back to Canada.






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