Those bastards that run the Foreclosure Machine (FC) are winning the battle. MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. (MERS) is such an obvious criminal enterprise, The fact that most of the courts in California have accepted its unsanctioned insertion into the  land title system astounds and confounds me. The ‘MERS’ entity inserted into most Deeds of Trust by the lenders, to serve as the ‘nominee/beneficiary’ is nothing but a shell corporation/straw man.

MERS’ attorneys have successfully bamboozled the courts to the degree where the Statute of Frauds, the UCC Articles III & IX, and the Restatement (3d), Property (Mortgages) § 5.4(a) (1997) have been flushed down the toilet. The foregoing laws were enacted in order to protect the consumer from exactly the kind of frauds being perpetrated by the FC

I urge anyone who has had his/her home stolen by those felons running Wall Street (and Congress), or is in imminent danger of facing foreclosure, to read the following article authored by Robert M Janes, Esq. ‘ShellGame-MERS Contrived Confusion’. This article exposes the criminal conspiracy that is still being carried out by the Foreclosure Machine in great detail.

Mr. Janes has also written several articles that present well reasoned arguments as to why the best chance one has in fighting foreclosure is to file a Quiet Title (QT) Action. If one lives in a non-judicial foreclosure state one cannot hope to halt a foreclosure battle against the foreclosure mill attorneys in court. The manner in which the courts apply the foreclosure statutes give the FC a tremendous advantage.

The Quiet Title Statutes give one a much more potent weapon with which to attack the Machine. Go on offense. Attack the Machine. Make those crooks ‘prove up’ that they hold any interest in your property. If you have a MERS mortgage, they can’t do it without committing perjury and/or filing fraudulent documentation.

I urge you to read Mr. Janes’ article ‘Fight the Foreclosure Machine’. these articles may provide you with the tools to save your home.

Also, watch Dave Kreiger’s videos on YouTube. Dave wrote the book “Clouded Titles’ which is a must read for any foreclosure defense attorney of Pro Se litigant. You will be glad that you did. Dave lays out the case for abolishing MERS in a clear and concise manner. His research is thorough and solid.

I have done tons of research on my own behalf and I have fought the FC in court. I am scarred but nowhere close to being beaten. I haven’t paid one nickle to the FC in four years and I am still living in my home. I plan to be here for a long time to come.

I am not an attorney. However, I’d be happy to point anyone who contacts me in the right direction in order to obtain the tools you will need to fight the Machine.



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